Fish soup, stuffed pike, pike roe salad with onions, brine danube carp, crucian fried with polenta and garlic sauce … and if we have not convinced you yet, we say that we can offer catfish medallion with tomato sauce, grilled perch with vegetables, fried carp and many other delicious dishe.

For those who don’t prefer fish, we have prepared several culinary delights: Beef soup like in delta, chicken soup with home Restaurant Genius Delta resortmade noodle, lamb/spitted sucking pig , marinated roast turkey and more.

All of these preparations must be associated with appropriate drinks.Genius Delta Resort offers a wide range of spirits drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails ,red wine, white wine, champagne, frizzante wines but also beer and soft drinks.

We all know that any preparation is best if it is served in a suitable location and therefore we invite you to dine on the porch constructed with output directly on the arm in St. Gheorghe or in the restaurant specially designed to create a unique atmosphere.

We wish bon appetite!